These are a couple of the projects I've been working on

Current Projects


Debtflow is a web-based debt collection system that focusses on automating as much of the process as possible. We try to free agents from the mundane management of their accounts and free them to make more phone calls.

This projects is build in Ruby on Rails, runs on Amazon AWS and uses Postgresql and MongoDB on the backend.

Open Source Libraries

  • bamboo_sparkpost elixir

    A Bamboo adapter for Sparkpost email service

  • trunk elixir

    📦 A file attachment/storage library for Elixir 📎

  • shorthand elixir

    Convenience macros to eliminate laborious typing.

  • ember-style-bindings javascript

    An ember addon providing an easy way to bind styles to a component

  • mailroom elixir

    Mail handling for Elixir

  • money elixir

    Elixir library for working with Money safer, easier, and fun... Is an interpretation of the Fowler's Money pattern in fun.prog.

  • gen_server_magic elixir

    Unashamedly magic, opinionated GenServer macros for greater sanity