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Hi, I’m Andrew, a programer and entrepreneur from South Africa, founder of Sitesure for monitoring websites, APIs, and background jobs.
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How to respond to channel broadcasts in a Phoenix LiveView app layout (global broadcasts)

How do you respond to channel broadcasts in a Phoenix LiveView app layout? You need a way to subscribe across all LiveViews.

17 Jul 2024

How to update URL params in a Phoenix LiveView

How do you push an update to a single query string param without changing other params in the url or even being aware of the url or its query string. I’ll explain how to build a filter toggle component and tag list component that maintain state in the query string while updating state in the LiveView.

7 Jun 2024

Use Font Awesome icons in Phoenix

Phoenix comes with Heroicons built-in. If you want to change to using another icon library, like Fontawesome, it can be done quite easily with a few small changes. This post will show you the steps needed so the <.icon /> component works with Fontawesome.

12 Feb 2024

Add a tooltip component to Phoenix

How to add a tooltip component to your Phoenix app using PopperJS. Learn how to connect client-side javascript when elements are added and removed from the DOM.

12 Sep 2023

How to use SASS/SCSS with Webpack in Phoenix 1.4

How to change the Webpack configuration in Phoenix 1.4 from CSS to using SASS/SCSS

17 Jun 2018

Use Phoenix 1.4 Now

Getting started with Phoenix 1.4 is really quite easy.

16 Jun 2018