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Hi, I’m Andrew, a programer and entrepreneur from South Africa, founder of Sitesure for monitoring websites, APIs, and background jobs.
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No reply?

Having just started using HEY, I have been forced to screen and process all my email—which is a good thing.
This has helped me to unsubscribe from a lot of newsletters I was ignoring anyway.

But what has been striking to me is the number of no-reply@… addresses many emails come from.

I wonder why these exist?

Why not send all emails from an email address that you can reply to?

If I receive an order, I might want to query something—but now I have to find some way to contact them.
If I receive some notification to do something, but it’s not clear—I have to find support instead of replying to the email.

I can’t think if a single situation (even an alert notification—which is what I’m busy working on) where it is not extremely helpful to be able to reply and ask a person. Not to mention that the email I’m replying to probably helps in providing some of the context for my question.

Because of this, in Sitesure, every email will have a reply path that goes back to a person who can help—even the alert notifications.

A big shout out to BEE who send their emails from:
The BEE Team ‹› 😁

6 Feb 2023

CEO demos

I wonder if products would be more user friendly if the CEO of the company had to demonstrate its use?

When I struggle to open something or this thing doesn’t quite fit into that then it’s obvious that corners have been cut in the name of profits.

This is where small businesses have the opportunity to shine. The owner is directly connected to the customer.

I guess that was part of the wow factor of Apple. Steve Jobs did demonstrate his products and you could see how he cared about the details (and it didn’t hurt their profits.)

2 Feb 2023