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No reply?

Having just started using HEY, I have been forced to screen and process all my email—which is a good thing.
This has helped me to unsubscribe from a lot of newsletters I was ignoring anyway.

But what has been striking to me is the number of no-reply@… addresses many emails come from.

I wonder why these exist?

Why not send all emails from an email address that you can reply to?

If I receive an order, I might want to query something—but now I have to find some way to contact them.
If I receive some notification to do something, but it’s not clear—I have to find support instead of replying to the email.

I can’t think if a single situation (even an alert notification—which is what I’m busy working on) where it is not extremely helpful to be able to reply and ask a person. Not to mention that the email I’m replying to probably helps in providing some of the context for my question.

Because of this, in Sitesure, every email will have a reply path that goes back to a person who can help—even the alert notifications.

A big shout out to BEE who send their emails from:
The BEE Team ‹› 😁

6 Feb 2023