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Hi, I’m Andrew, a programer and entrepreneur from South Africa, founder of Sitesure for monitoring websites, APIs, and background jobs.
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Install from source using Ansible

Building an Ansbile play that will build a project (in this case Ruby) from source

21 Mar 2016

Using Dead Man's Snitch with Whenever

A quick tip to make it easier to use Dead Man's Snitch with the whenever gem

6 Sep 2015

Cleaning up a Ruby hash

Hash#clean, a monkey patch to provide easy, Array#map like access to hash values to update them inline.

30 Aug 2015

Skipping blank lines in ruby CSV parsing

How to ignore blank lines when parsing a csv file with ruby's CSV parser.

12 Jul 2015

Looping with Fibers

I needed to loop over a fairly large data set and group it by year and month. In this post I walk through using two Ruby Fibers which communicate between each other in order to do in-loop grouping

9 Mar 2014

How to Add Subscribers to a MailChimp List With Ruby

An example of how to use the MailChimp API and their official mailchimp-api gem to add a subscriber to a mailing list.

11 Feb 2014

Potential security hole authorising modules in CanCan

Just some thoughts on how CanCan didn't work as I expected. Whether design or bug, it's worth checking out how modules are handled.

6 Nov 2013

How to protect downloads but still have nginx serve the files

Protect access to your files in Rails but still have Nginx serve the file efficiently

1 Dec 2010