Use Phoenix 1.4 Now

Getting started with Phoenix 1.4 is really quite easy.

With Phoenix 1.4 announced at ElixirConf EU ( I was keen to try it out. I was specifically interested in seeing the new Webpack integration. Getting started with Phoenix 1.4 is really quite easy.

Uninstall the existing Phoenix 1.3 archive

From the README,

Remove any previously installed phx_new archives so that Mix will pick up the local source code. This can be done with mix archive.uninstall phx_new or by simply deleting the file, which is usually in ~/.mix/archives/.

Clone the Phoenix master repo

$ git clone

Build and install the Phoenix archive

$ cd phoenix/installer
$ MIX_ENV=prod mix do, archive.install

Generate your new Phoenix 1.4 app

Run mix my_app

Your mix.exs deps will now look like this:

defp deps do
    {:phoenix, github: "phoenixframework/phoenix", override: true},

When Phoenix 1.4 is released, you can just update this line to:

defp deps do
    {:phoenix, "~> 1.4.0"},

Revert back to the Phoenix 1.3 installer

Reverting to the 1.3 installer is as easy as uninstalling and reinstalling the Phoenix archive.


mix archive.uninstall phx_new-1.3.0
mix archive.install
Jun 17, 2018 elixir, phoenix
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